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About Us

~About The Owners ~

Bonnie is a mother to four very active boys, one of which has Autism. With the assistance of her therapy team, Bonnie has tried many calming strategies for her son, a strategy she feels has been a critical piece of her son’s ability to learn to self–regulate is the use of his weighted blanket. Bonnie is a talented seamstress who crafts incredibly handmade beautiful weighted blankets and lap pads. 

Cindy is a mother of three children. She works as a Behaviour Consultant providing children, parents, teachers, and educational assistants and administrators practical easy to use strategies both in the classroom and in their home environment. In addition, Cindy opened Kids Incredible Sensory & Baby Boutique in 2017, as she wanted to give people a place to buy self-regulation tools locally.

These two ladies met two years ago as Cindy provided consultation to Bonnie’s son. Over the next year these ladies worked together to provide weighted blankets to a number of children. Word was getting around and pretty soon the demand for weighted blankets was too much to keep up with on their own. In January 2018, Bonnie and Cindy went into business together creating Sensory Solutions Inc. They have hired seamstresses and continue to make quality made blankets, with each blanket thoroughly inspected before leaving the shop. They have expanded their demographic to include not only children, but teenagers, adults and those people who struggle with a number of other self-regulation issues. They were finding that people with Dementia, PTSD, Restless Leg Syndrome, ADHD, Sleep Disorders and Anxiety were also requesting and loving their blankets.