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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can the blankets be washed and dried?

A: Yes, the blankets are machine washable on a cold or warm cycle and can be tumble dried on low.

Q: What are the lines on the blankets?

A:  These chalk lines or water-soluble marker lines are used during the production of each blanket and will wash out after one or two washings. If you have further trouble, please let us know.

Q:  What are the blankets filled with?

A: Weighted products are filled with 100% clean non-toxic polly pellets          allowing our blankets to be able to be washed in your home washer and dryer. We do recommend that blankets heavier than 10 pounds, are taken to a local laundry mat to protect the suspension in your home washer and dryer.

Q: What is the right weight for me?

A: The ideal blanket weight is generally 10% of your body weight. Please choose the closest weight available in that range.

Calculation: Total body weight x 10% (.10) + 1 pound.  Round up to the nearest pound.

Example: (83 pounds x 10% = 8.3 pounds+ 1 pound= 9.3 pounds rounded up to 10 pounds required for a blanket for a 83-pound child.)

*We always recommend that you consult a Physician, Physical Therapist or Occupational Therapist when buying a blanket for a child.  We do not recommend a weighted blanket for anyone under 40 pounds and/or 5 years old without one of these professional recommendations.

Q: Why don’t you make any other sizes other than Youth and Twin?

A: Great question! Sensory Solutions weighted blankets were designed to provide optimal regulation. By allowing the blanket to hang over each side of a single body (opposed to only laying on  top of your body) you receive even pressure to more areas of your body that can provide  a better result for the customer.

Q: If I suffer from any type of dysregulation will a Sensory Solutions weighted Blanket be guaranteed to work for me?

A: We let all of our customers know that a weighted blanket does not work for everyone. We would suggest that you are comfortable with weight on you before purchasing a Sensory Solutions Blanket.

Q: Can I order in bulk?

Are you looking to place a bulk order of Weighted Blankets for a clinic, school, Senior home or large organization? We can help you place your order. We will make sure you get the best rates and service.  Please email us at